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Expertly Handled Direct Deposit

Advantage handles direct deposits with the same high level of accuracy, timeliness and confidentiality we bring to all of our payroll processing and other value-added services. Regardless of the check option you choose (Advantage or client owned), your employees will enjoy the benefits of direct deposit. You can also enjoy the benefits of knowing that each employee’s pay is confidential with direct deposit.

The Advantage system also features:

  • Up to 8 direct deposits (into different financial institutions) can be made per employee…and the first three are free!
  • Employees can split their earnings, with a portion directly deposited and the remainder paid by paper check.
  • Sealed employee payroll statements detail all earnings, deductions, deposits and other pertinent information.

Our experienced and well-established relationship with the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system (utilized by over 99% of all U.S. financial institutions) saves you the considerable time and expense of setting up a direct deposit program yourself. You’ll also realize significant productivity gains, saving time not only in the delivery of checks, but in your employees’ need to stand in line at a bank! When your employees choose direct deposit, you benefit and so do they!

Want to avoid large down payments and end of the year audits for Workers Comp?

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