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Simple, fast, and powerful HR Software from BambooHR makes managing employee data easy for small and medium businesses. Customers tell us they love the interface that is easy to understand and is customized just for them. They also love email alerts, time-off tracking/PTO, awesome reporting, and especially having all their employee data in one place.

If you say “yes” to any of the following, our HR software is for you:

  1. Your employee database is spreadsheets, and sometimes even post-it notes.
  2. Your employees have to ask you for their time off balance (our leave tracking is awesome).
  3. If litigation happened today, you’d be in big trouble.
  4. You’ve ever spent longer than 5 minutes on a turnover report for the CEO.
  5. You know it’s time your company gets out of the 90s and tracks data online in a simple, central, and powerful HRIS.
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