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Credit Card Processing

Accepting credit card payments is an essential part of keeping up with your competitors and boosting your business and profits. Research shows that customers spend 15 to 20% more when they use a credit card for a purchase. This is because people are comfortable buying more than they can actually afford and paying it off later. Having a great credit card processing service and an easy to use credit card machine will allow you to accept credit cards for minimal cost and effort. Our credit card processing fees are low, making the service accessible to a business of any size or type. Request a quote online and we’ll show you how easy it is to get set with processing or switch to processing with us!

How Credit Card Processing Services Work

Our online credit card processing system connects you with the credit card company to complete the transaction in real time. Our credit card payment processor executes the transaction right away to approve or decline it on the spot. Customers sign the receipt to complete the transaction and our credit card processing service secures the funds for you and deposits them into your account within 24 hours. There are many different credit card processing companies, but most provide the same basic functions. Merchant Consulting Group is different in that we not only provide any service you’ll need, but we also go above and beyond to serve our customers. You will receive award-winning customer service – that means that a friendly representative will pick up the phone to take your call. You’ll never have to speak to a computer again!

Benefits of Credit Card Processing Services

  • Credit card machine

Being that we are among the best credit card processing companies, Merchant Consulting Group offers top-notch services and can set you up quickly and easily. Whether you are just starting to accept credit cards or if you are making a transition, we will get you set up quickly. If you are switching processors, we will ensure that your transition from your old credit card processor is hassle-free and seamless. We understand that you have a business to run, so we will take care of all the details for you.


  • Increase Your Profits by Accepting Credit Cards

Did you know that when fast food restaurants starting accepting credit card payments, they saw an increase in profits? Not only will you get more customers, but existing customers will make larger purchases. Still not convinced or worried about the technical details? We will get everything set up for you properly the first time. That means that you won’t spend your time troubleshooting equipment or software or waiting on hold with a customer service department. Our services will keep you running smoothly so you can focus on your business.

  • Equipment for Online Credit Card Processing

Many credit card processing companies set you up with faulty credit card processing machines and outdated software that slows you down. At Merchant Consulting Group, we will update the software for processing credit cards in your existing machine at no extra cost. If you don’t have a terminal yet, we will help you select the best credit card machine and credit card processor for your needs, ship it to you the same day, and help you set it up in person or on the phone. We only stock credit card terminals that have a combination of the lowest price and the highest quality. This is far more than you can expect from other credit card processing services. If you prefer to process credit cards through a computer, your existing POS system or QuickBooks, we’ll work with your existing system and save you from having to buy special equipment.

Check Out Our Low Rates for Credit Card Processing Service

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We offer competitive credit card processing rates, which means more of your hard earned money stays in your pocket. You won’t be able to find anything lower than our credit card processing fees, whether for retail or online credit card processing. We are confident that we can save you thousands of dollars over other companies. We also believe that you need to have the freedom to make choices in your business. That means it is easy to cancel our service and not pay a cancellation fee. Request a FREE rate evaluation now and we’ll show you how we can beat your current rates.

  • Qualify for a Special Rate

We now have special rates for several business types, including businesses that process credit cards for: fuel delivery, petroleum processing, service station processing, supermarkets, universities, auto repair, doctors/dentists, and more. Many credit card processors either are not aware of these programs or neglect to inform their merchants of these programming features that can save you thousands of dollars. We also find many credit card machines have outdated or incorrect programming. These programming errors can cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars per year. Apply online to find out if your credit card processing machine is up to date.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level, submit an online request for quote below. We will tell you more about our low credit card processing fees and everything else we can offer you as your credit card processor.

Merchant Consulting Group, LLC is a registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Walnut Creek, CA.

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