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Changing The Way You Administer Your Payroll via Web Based Payroll Services

With Instant Payroll® from Advantage Payroll Services, you can manage your payroll with the click of a mouse. Our web-based payroll management application allows you to control payroll hours and employee changes in real time. There’s no software to download – all you need is a current Web browser and Internet access!

Simple, Efficient, And Painless

Instant Payroll® is easy to navigate for even the most casual computer users. It includes an extensive User Reference Guide to help with any questions you may have, and our friendly Customer Support Specialists are always just a phone call away.

Welcome to the Future of Payroll Management

Backed by the strength and support of Advantage Payroll Services, with 4 decades of payroll experiences and offices nationwide, this web-based payroll application eliminates tedious and time-consuming paperwork and features:

  • Real-Time Payroll Preview
  • Quick Check History for any employee
  • Tax Calculator
  • State-of-the-Art Security
  • Division and department access levels
  • Reliable backup
  • Local Customer Service

These timesaving Instant Payroll® functions will help you manage your payroll with exceptional speed and convenience.

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