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Are your clients wasting too much time searching through file cabinets and piles of paperwork trying to find payroll reports from last pay period? Are you constantly requesting duplicate reports from your clients or the local Advantage office? With Advantage Online Reporting, your clients’ payroll records and management reports will always be just a few clicks away.

Regardless of how they choose to input their payroll, now their payroll and management reports can be viewed online, from any location, at any time. It’s easy! All that’s needed is Internet access and a current Web browser.

  • View reports in HTML format or standard format, downloadable for easy importing into a spreadsheet application.
  • Reports can be printed on-site — anytime!
  • Third-party access can allow your accounting professional to view and download your payroll records whenever it’s convenient.
We have multiple options to provide our clients with access to small business financing.

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