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Paperless Payroll

Go Green with Advantage Payroll Services eco-friendly paperless payroll solution. Eliminate paper, clutter, printing and delivery of checks and reports while saving significant money. Managers can access all paystubs and reports online easily and securely from any computer. Or you can choose Employee Self-Serve and give your employees access to their own private password protected login so they can access their own paystubs and W2’s.
Our paperless payroll solution utilizes a combination of direct deposit and our pay card program. It also comes with online reporting that has the following benefits:

  • View reports in HTML format or standard format, downloadable for easy importing into a spreadsheet application.
  • Reports can be printed on-site — anytime!
  • Third-party access can allow your accounting professional to view and download your payroll records whenever it’s convenient.

Go paperless and save the environment as well as your time and money.

Want to save time and money while offering your employees a personal banking solution?

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