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Simplified Payroll with The Advantage Account

With our central option, payday becomes as simple as a single debit. The Advantage Account gives you payroll confidentiality, and freedom from check reconciliation and other administrative headaches.

The Advantage Account covers it all, with net pay, withholdings, deductions and payroll taxes all calculated and accounted for. Your employees receive signed and sealed checks (printed with an authorized Advantage signature), while your business benefits with minimized bookkeeping chores and costly banking fees.

  • Advantage is responsible for check reconciliation
  • No need for separate payroll account for your business
  • No bank charges for check clearing
  • One debit per payroll covers all payroll costs

Employer-Owned Account

If you choose to forego the benefits of our central Advantage payroll checking account, Advantage can still process your payroll and print checks drawn on your own account. Advantage can also process vendor checks through client-owned accounts if required. This can be done through either type of account, Advantage or client owned. The employer may sign the checks or let the system laser sign them.

The employee will receive a detailed check stub, which includes all pertinent employee information, a breakdown of current and YTD warnings and deductions, withholding tax, pay period beginning, ending and pay dates.

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